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Fort-Collins 1713 E Lincoln Ave Unit A1 COLORADO , 80524 , US

(970) 482-5218

(970) 482-5218

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Sun: Closed

Mon: 11:00am - 6:00pm

Tue: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Wed: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Thu: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Sat: Closed

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Glanz Electrical Contracting, Inc. reviews

  • Glanz Electric was hired by our friend (and land owner) to install a 50 amp breaker and electric socket on his property for our 5th wheel RV back in April of 2017. The work was agreed to and planned to be completed by the third week of May, when we were due to arrive. On the morning of our arrival, we discovered from the land owner that Mr. Glanz had not completed the work. When the land owner contacted him to find out why, he claimed that snow the previous week had prevented doing the work but he never called to reschedule, nor did he bother to return to complete the job. The land owner was required by law to give both permission to do this work and to make the arrangements since the improvements were on his property and only after several phone calls and the land owner's insistence did Mr. Glanz bother to send someone out to complete the work the same day we arrived, since this would have meant we would have no electric service for several more days until it was "convenient" for Mr. Glanz to arrange completion of the work. Reluctantly, he sent out 2 guys that same day but they came unprepared, did not bring the proper materials, and it was quite apparent that they did not plan ahead for the work to be done. The work scope consisted of installing a new breaker box at an existing power pole, connecting the wiring and running approximately 70 feet of conduit over to where there electrical connection on the RV was, installing a post to mount the new electrical plug box, and making sure the power was installed to Colorado electrical code. The land owner had already dug the ditch from the existing box over to the RV where the new to would be to bury the wiring and conduit and the owner wound up providing the wooden pole to mount the electrical socket to as well because the workers did not bring a pole with them. They also attempted to do this work with 1" PVC conduit instead of a larger size because it was all they had on their truck. When I questioned them about why they were using 1" conduit instead of the same size already at the box, the younger man of the two said, "it will be cheaper this way" but then it took them nearly two hours to feed the multiple lines through the PVC to the other end. What should have taken them at most an hour to complete from start to finish took them almost 3 hours to complete because of the difficulties with fishing the multiple lines through such tight conduit. On top of that, they moved like snails and talked a good bit of the time and did not continue working as they talked. I actually helped them dig out the ditch on both ends and did all the backfill work after they were done to help speed up the process. 6 weeks later, a very generic bill arrived and the land owner brought us the bill. He expressed concern about the amount of the bill and felt we had been over-charged for the work done by at least $300 based on his previous experiences with this electrical contractor and others in the area for the same or similar work. He suggested I contact Mr. Glanz directly and ask him to review the charges, time billed and review the materials used since we provided the post, dug the ditch, and did the backfill of the job he had agreed to do. The bill was very generic in that neither the materials or the labor showed a breakdown and in the amount of $846.39. After a week of emailing back and forth, Mr. Glanz reluctantly agreed to waive only $100 of the bill and refused to issue a corrected invoice showing the new amount, nor the breakdown of the charges as we had requested. On another note, the invoice was dated 6/30/17, but we did not receive it until 7/11/17 and showed a due date of 7/15/17. After much discussion and haggling, it was clear that Mr. Glanz had no intentions of reducing the bill further, nor would he cooperate in providing the details of why we were charged $600 for labor for 3 hours even after he admitted that the time was a little high for the work scope and pretty much mocked me when I questioned the integrity of his work ethic. Then, we received an email from his "accountant" instructing us to remit in full by the 30th of July or the $100 discount would no longer apply and pretty much held it over our heads that the land owner would be responsible for the full amount by whatever legal means available if we did not pay. This was no doubt extortion! My wife reluctantly paid this bill by check, minus the $100 he agreed to discount and marked the bill paid-in-full. It was mailed on 7/31/17 after waited to see if Mr. Glanz had a change of heart and decided to do the right thing. He did not so on that same day, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for work not completed as agreed and for the inflated bill for which Mr. Glanz refused to provide and adjusted bill that showed a breakdown of charges. This week, Mr. Glanz responded to the complaint declaring that we were not his customer, the land owner was. We are continuing to fight this bill. Mr. Glanz was not only unprofessional and did not complete the work as agreed to in the time agreed to, he deliberately over-charged us (and the land owner) out of spite and then made flimsy excuses and blamed "bad weather" for his own irresponsible and unprofessional behavior. I do not recommend this business! If you do decide to use them, get a fully written quote and hold them to their obligations and what they agree to do in the time agreed to so you don't get over-billed or screwed like I did!
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